Galapagos Diving Tour: Cousin and Bartolomé Special

Tour/Activity in Santa Cruz Island, Ecuador

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Experience the underwater world of the archipelago! For beginners and advanced divers.

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Cousin's Rock and Bartolomé

Cousin's Rock is a small islet located just north of Bartolomé. Travel time is about 2 1/2 hours by boat from Santa Cruz's northern dock at the Itabaca Channel.

Cousins Rock is a well known wall dive. Wildlife like sea lions, whitetip reef sharks, hammerhead sharks, eagle rays, manta rays, sea horses, octopus, various tropical fish, and barracuda are typically seen during this dive. On the eastern side, the steep rock wall descends in a series of recessed ledges covered in the black coral. In this black coral, divers will find Cousins Rock's greatest claim to fame - an impressive herd of seahorses! Also at this site, divers are likely to see long nosed hawkfish, frogfish, and sea turtles.

Due to the strong currents sometimes experienced here, this wall dive is recommended only for experienced divers.

Bartolomé, east of Santiago, is a small island where you can see the famous Pinnacle Rock. The site offers teraced steps, descending to around 30 meters in depth. Wildlife sightings usually include white tip reef sharks, barracudas, turtles, rays and a variety of invertebrates. Hammer heads and manta rays are often sighted in the deep blue just off the steps.

Dive Levels: Intermediate / Professional

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