Galapagos PRO Recommends: AmaZOOnico Animal Rescue Center

Tour/Activity in Misahualli, Ecuador

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AmaZOOnico is home to animals rescued from illegal trade.

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AmaZOOnico Rescue Center

Galapagos PRO Recommendation: This excursion should not be missed in your Ecuador experience!

AmaZOOnico is an animal rescue center in the Ecuadorean Amazon rainforest, which rescues animals from illegal trade, then rehabilitates them for release back in to their natural environment.

All animals at the center are taken in by the Ministry of the Environment, as a result of confiscation by people who have kept them as pets or poached them for sale or trade on the black market.

Some animals come with several physical and behavioral problems that make it impossible for them to live freely in the forest. In these cases, AmaZOOnico offer them spacious and comfortable enclosures where they can live in the most natural conditions possible. Animals are in good physical and mental condition are taken in to quarantine, various examinations and a rehabilitation process, they can be successfully reintroduced to the rainforest.

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