Galapagos PRO recommendation: Farmer's market in Latacunga

Tour/Activity in Latacunga, Ecuador

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Traditional weekly market with fresh food

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Colorful activity on the market of Latacunga

Galapagos PRO recommendation: A certain extra for your Ecuador experience.

In Latacunga you will witness the sale and purchase of agricultural products of the Indigenas. Let yourself be enchanted by the colorful hustle and bustle. Here you can also see many examples of how and which natural resources are processed. The buildings in Latacunga are made of pumice stone, a volcanic rock, is particularly noticeable. On the one hand, this material is very easy to process and on the other hand, the stone saves the heat for a long time. A typical, traditional dish of this region is "Chugchucaras" - which means in the language Qichua - pork. This dish contains boiled pork, popcorn and baked plantain. Latacunga is the ideal place to try this dish or to experience new culinary new territory.

This is a recommended excursion, which is not included in the price.

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