Galapagos Pro Recommends: Hiking Cayambe Coca National Park

Tour/Activity in Papallacta, Ecuador

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Hike in Cayambe Coca National Park near Papallacta

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Hiking the Cayambe-Coca National Park or alternative tours around Papallacta

Close to Papallacta is the starting point of the guided hike, nestled in the Cayambe Coca National Park. Soak up the panoramic mountain views, including the volcano Antisana at over 4,200 meters before setting off on the narrow curved paths through the impressive, ever-changing vegetation. The hike takes about 4 hours.

In the early afternoon, you will reach the famous hot springs of the small resort of Papallacta. Enjoy a long soak in the rejuvenating, warm spring water and the fresh mountain air and the afternoon light. In the early evening, we return to Quito.

Information: This hike is technically easy, but quite demanding due to the height. Therefore, the hike is great preparation for a volcanic ascent.

Alternative programs: There are many 1 - 5 hours hikes beginning from the thermal baths of Papallacta along the small river into an enchanted, mountainous cloud forest.

Note: We recommend pre-booking this excursion with us to secure a naturalist guide, but you can also go on your own. Select an option in the travel planner!

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