Galapagos PRO Recommendation: Paragliding at Baños

Tour/Activity in Baños de Agua Santa, Ecuador

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Experience the breathtaking mountain panorama at Tungurahua Volcano

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Paragliding at the volcano Tungurahua

Galapagos PRO Recommendation: This excursion should not be missed in your Ecuador experience.

If you want to experience the airy, almost carefree feeling of flying, paragliding is the way to go - and in Baños, in the shadow of the Tungurahua volcano, the ideal conditions prevail.

Standing on the edge of a cliff and bound to your flight instructor, the heart begins to race as the sail rises. Before you know it, it starts and there is no going back.

The local flight controllers and tandem pilots are highly qualified and have the best weather and wind skills. From Baños it goes to the flying area of Niton. Here you get your flying equipment and a safety introduction and the adventure can begin. The view you will experience around the volcano is simply breathtaking.

Note: This is a recommended excursion that is not included in the tour price. We are happy to organize this tour for you or you book directly on site.

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