Galapagos Recommendation: Archaeological site of Tulipe

Tour/Activity in Mindo, Ecuador

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Visit the well-preserved archaeological site on the banks of the Rio Tulipe

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Visit the archaeological site of Tulipe

Near the village of Nanegalito you can visit a truly remarkable archaeological site, Museo de Sitio Tulipe (de los Yumbos). From the culture of the Yumbo (800-1660), here on the shores of the Rio Tulipe you can see seven baths, several pyramids, ramps and large 'tolas' rites. They occupy about 2 hectares and are very well preserved. In the Quitu-Cara language, which the nation counts as the yumbo, 'tulipe' means water that flows down the rocks. The Yumbo had evidently set up a ceremony center here for their belief in nature and water.

Note: This is a recommended excursion that is not included in the tour price. You can do it on your own.

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