Galapagos Islands Santa Cruz: Finch Bay Hotel (4)

Tour/Activity in Santa Cruz Island, Ecuador

About this activity

Experience an extraordinary stay on the island of Santa Cruz

Your Travel Experience with Galapagos PRO

Day 1

Visit of the giant tortoise reserve

Morning: Arrival at the hotel. Visit the Giant Tortoise Reserve - a unique experience! Please make sure appropriate clothing and sturdy shoes for this day to create.

Arrival at the hotel

Afternoon: After lunch we head to Puerto Ayora hotel that can be reached only by boat. After check-in, you have free time and may use the amenities of the hotel.

Day 2

Day trip on a yacht

Depending on the program (after booking is confirmed) it comes after breakfast with the hotel's own yacht Sea Lion on the islands Bartolomé or North Seymour. Bartolomé is famous for Pinnacle Rock, a tower-like obelisk that rises from the sea. There a little penguins nesting and you can swim or snorkel. On North Seymour, however, you can i.a. watch sea lions and marine iguanas. On this day you will have your lunch on board of the ship.

Day 3

Tortuga Bay

Morning: After breakfast we go for more than 1 km long, white sandy beach with turquoise-blue water. The Tortuga Bay, you can admire the diverse flora and fauna, but also do sports and relax. Here you can surf and do kayaking. But you can also marvel at the sea turtles and marine iguanas. Do not forget to bring a sun hat, sunscreen and binoculars.

Charles Darwin research station

afternoon: In the afternoon you can either go back to the hotel and enjoy the local amenities, or visit the Charles Darwin Research Station.

Day 4

Departure to the airport

In the morning: departure to the airport

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