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Charles Darwin research station

Walking along the coastal road of Puerto Ayora will take you to the famous Charles Darwin Research Station in about 25 minutes at the other end of town. Here you will visit the information center, the museum and turtle rearing.

The fishermen´s harbor

Great spectacle at the fishing port! Every day around 11am and 5pm, fishermen arrive to prepare their catch of the day for sale at the market and in local restaurants. Attracted by such a delicious product, pelicans and sea lions join us to steal fresh fish!

Las Grietas, salt lake and Opuntia valley

To visit this place, you will first take a water taxi across the harbor to the opposite bay. From here it is on a kilometer-long nature trail to Las Grietas after crossing the shore of Playa de los Alemanes (the German's beach), the pink salt lake and a large cactus forest. Arriving at Las Grietas, you can go down a wooden staircase and bathe in the crystal-clear water. Continue on the nature trail to various viewpoints until you can enjoy a spectacular view of the open sea at the end of the gorge.

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