Ecuador Reserve Tour: Yanacocha and Tandayapa Valley (2)

Tour/Activity in Quito, Ecuador

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Day 1

Yanacocha Reserve

Morning: Yanacocha is located on the northwestern flank of Volcán Pichincha, 3200-3400 m above sea level. The cloud forests in this area are one of the best places to spot rare hummingbirds, such as the critically endangered black-breasted puffleg (Eriocnemis nigrivestis), which have a tiny habitat around the Volcán Pichincha. In 2005, the black-breasted puffleg was adopted as the animal emblem of Quito and the reserve was declared a natural heritage of the city. This forest has been supplying water to Quito since pre-Columbian times and today is an important source of water for northern Quito and the city of Nono.

Tandayapa Bird Lodge

Evening: In the evening you will arrive at the Tandayapa Bird Lodge, an Andean cloud forest lodge for nature lovers. Everything in this location is designed for the ultimate bird experience, most notably the large garden terrace with fruit feeders to attract the wonderful variety of birds found in Tandayapa Valley. Guests enjoy full access to the outdoor hot tub, the photography equipment for capturing the perfect hummingbird picture, the observation hut and the lodge's own birdwatching trails. The lodge is ideally located in the middle of a large bird watching area and provides marvellous opportunities for an extraordinary birding experience. The lodge serves as a base for many unique tours.

This is a place where nature lovers, photographers and birdwatchers feel at home.

Day 2

Tandayapa Valley

Morning: The early morning hours are ideal for bird watching on the forest trails and platforms, in the special cloud forest atmosphere coloured by the morning light. Breakfast is served early so you wont miss a beat on the trails.

Back at the lodge, the large supply of feeding stations for hummingbirds make it possible to observe up to ten different hummingbird species at once, and up to 20 species over the course of an hour. The hummingbird action lasts all day at the lodge, so you do not have to worry that you might miss a species while you're out on the forest trails.

Papallacta Pass

Afternoon: Papallacta Pass is a large bird watching area in the eastern Andes. The road through here borders two nationally protected areas: the Cayambe Coca and Antisana Eco Reserve. Here, you have the opportunity to see a remarkable landscape infused with rich bird life. Due to the difference in altitude, the area is home to a remarkable number of birds. Your tour in Papallacta Pass begins in the highlands and ends in the mountain cloud forest, before returning to Quito.

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