Ecuador Rainforest: 13 Days with Shuar Community

Tour from Quito to Cuenca, Ecuador

About this activity

Get to know the lifestyle, rituals and rhythms of the Shuar Tawasap community at the Amazon!

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Day 1

Transfer with the public bus

A member of the Shuar community will pick you up in Quito and accompany you on the journey across the Andean heights to the Amazon lowlands. Travel time to Twasap from Quito about 5 ½ hours.

Day 2 - 12

13 day program

During your stay with the Shuar community, you will experience the everyday life of the people, their rituals and living environment. You will be involved in the daily life, e.g. the preparation of meals, hunting and work on the reforestation project.

  • You will experience the traditional welcome rituals of the Shuar - their dances and rhythms.

  • You will get to know the medicinal plants while hiking through the jungle.

  • Experience healing and cleansing rituals, as well as energetic treatment with medical plants. Massages with natural oils are optional.

  • Participate in the Shuar sport such as javelin, athletics, and ritual battles.

  • Go on an archaeological search. The discovieries will be exhibited in the town hall.

  • Participate in lectures on the Community's ancient botanical knowledge and on the climate change.

  • Enjoy guided day- and night hikes.

  • Bathe in the sacred waterfalls.

  • Support the exhibition and sale of handcrafted ceramics, woven products and seeds.

  • Receive a presentation of the project reforestation and of planting fruit trees, medicinal herbs and shrubs.

  • Optional: visit other indigenous communities of the Amazon

Day 13

Transfer to Cuenca

You will be taken to the bus station by a member of the Shuar community. From there you take an intercity bus to Cuenca. The drive to Cuenca takes about 5 hours.

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