Ecuador Rainforest: Kapawi Amazon Lodge (4)

Tour/Activity in Quito, Ecuador

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Kapawi Amazon Lodge and Reserve is one of the most remote and exclusive Lodges in the world

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Day 1

Road transfer to Shell

Early morning: Guests will be picked up from their hotel in Quito beginning at 5:30 am. You will receive a packed breakfast for the trip. Short stops will be made during the trip for bathroom breaks and photo opportunities.

Flight to Achuar community and canoe to lodge

Morning: Reaching the town of Shell, a representative from the Achuar community greets you and accompanies you to the small airplanes. During the 50 minute flight, you cross parts of the pristine and dense rainforest before landing in the fields of the Achuar community. Your Kapawi Guide will welcome you there and guide you through the last part of your journey. A beautiful, peaceful 30 minute canoe tour through the rainforest will bring you to the Kapawi Amazon Lodge. Once at the lodge, lunch is available.

Walk activity

Afternoon: After unpacking and settling in, you will start your adventure with a quiet activity where guests can walk along one of the Pastaza River beaches. Here, our guides give guests an introductory orientation session with information about the rainforest and the Achuar culture, while enjoying a beautiful sunset. At night after dinner, we will explore the Kapawari River in search of nocturnal animals such as monkeys, alligators and birds. With so little light pollution in this area, the clear night sky here is absolutely incredible.

Day 2

Clay lick and guided forest tour

Early morning: After a 30 minute boat ride, you will reach one of the most interesting natural attractions - the Parrot Clay Lick, where you can observe various parrot species such as blue-winged parakeets, red-bugaras, yellow-crowned lilacs and macaws who flock to the mineral-rich clay to compliment their natural diet and neutralise some of the acids and poisons. After catching the activity of the birds, breakfast will be served back at the lodge.

During a two hour hike you will learn about the use of native and medicinal plants and the ecological context of the tropical rainforest. Return to the lodge for lunch and have time to rest a bit.

Kapawari River via kayak

Afternoon: Guests will be able to explore, via kayak, the Kapawari River and its connecting lagoons, while discovering the local wildlife such as the pink river dolphin. As the river is quite calm, swimming is completely safe.

After dinner, guests can partake in a spectacular night walk, observing the many different kinds of insects and amphibians that are found around the hotel.

Day 3

Exploring the forest

Early morning: Guests will have the opportunity to spot a great variety of the birds calling the southeast rainforest of Ecuador home, like hoatzin, aninga, speckled chachalaca, white eared jacamar, cocoi heron, neotropical cormorant, and the great egret.

Breakfast and departure for a full day activities: guides will escort guests along the Pitzacocha or Pama trail. During this time guests can learn about the forest and its benefits for the Achuar people. Our guides will also teach guests about Achuar hunting techniques and Arutam the spirit of the forest. Picnic lunch in the forest.

Visit one of the Achuar communities

Afternoon: Guests will visit one of the Achuar communities that is located close to the lodge. This is one of our most popular activities offered in Kapawi, because of the significant cultural contribution to the Achuar people. Guests will have a chance to see a community and its members and purchase some traditional handicrafts. Return to the lodge followed by dinner. After a traditional dinner, you will be treated to cultural activities by a campfire. Guests will be able to learn about the art of Achuar face painting and how it relates to their different activities.

Day 4

Bird watching

Early morning: Before breakfast, the expert guides will lead guests to specific points near the hotel, perfect for spotting various species of birds. After breakfast, prepare for departure then join in a blowgun contest to demonstrate who is the best hunter among the guides and guests.

Flight to Shell and road to Quito

The canoes will take you to the landing site, where you will transfer to the small aircraft. Once in Shell, the bus will take you back to Quito. The lodge will provide a packed lunch for the ride.

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