Ecuador Amazon Cruise: Anakonda (5)

Tour/Activity in Quito, Ecuador

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Day 1

Departure from Quito

A short 30-minute flight takes you to the frontier town of Coca, Francisco de Orellana.

Transfer to Anakonda

Transfer to the dock, where you will embark on a motorised canoe and navigate down river about 1 hour, to board the Anakonda. Throughout the journey you have a chance to admire the rainforest landscape and banks of the great Napo River.

Boarding the Anakonda and evening walk

Immediately after boarding the Anakonda, you will have your first opportunity to enjoy the exciting features of your cruise ship - like the observation deck that offers spectacular views. An evening walk is organised after sunset, giving you the opportunity to discover the forest’s nocturnal activity and listen to the unique sounds of the jungle at night.

Day 2

The heart of Yasuní, the border with Peru

After a hearty breakfast, you will start your first shore excursion in daylight. In this special rainforest experience, you will learn a lot about the relationship between plants and animals, and at every step you meet the fascinating diversity of the Amazon.

After lunch, the Anakonda navigates to one of the most unspoiled and least explored parts of the Ecuadorean Amazon. Here is the home of the legendary pink river dolphin, black caiman and anaconda. You will also find river turtles and various species of monkeys, as well as meeting the Hoatzin, a unique bird sometimes known as the stink bird.

The only way to get into this flooded and almost untouched ecosystem is canoeing. Here you will experience the beauty of this lush jungle world.

Day 3

Meeting the Jungle Community

Breakfast on board. We visit a school located on the banks of the Napo River, where we will have the opportunity to interact with children of the area and learn about the educational system of a remote jungle community in Ecuador.

Lunch will be served back on board the Anakonda, where you will get a moment to relax while navigating upstream. The crew will offer a lecture and documentary screening, and if time permits, you can learn about (and make) typical handicrafts of the area. In the afternoon, you will explore one of the largest river islands of the Napo River.

Day 4

Observation Tower

In the morning after breakfast, you will climb a vantage point about 30 meters high in a huge kapok tree. From the top of the tower, you will be able to admire the rainforest from a unique perspective and get a better idera of the size of the Amazon basin.

In the afternoon, visit the Limoncocha Biological Reserve, a fascinating sanctuary where more than 478 species of birds and several species of monkeys have been found. This excursion will continue until the early evening and with luck you will see a black caiman with the glow of your flashlight.

Return to the Anakonda for dinner.

Day 5

Disembark the Anakonda

Disembark the Anakonda and transfer by motorised canoe to Coca (1 hour ride)

Flight Coca-Quito

Transfer to Coca Airport and flight to Quito.

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