Ecuador Rainforest: 5 Days Napo Wildlife Center, Yasuní

Tour/Activity in Quito, Ecuador

About this activity

Enjoy a unique adventure in one of the most biodiverse places on the planet

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Day 1

Arrive at the Lodge

Departing from Quito, 30 minute flight to Coca over the eastern Andes mountain range.

Welcome drink

Afternoon: You will be met at the airport and taken to the port of Francisco de Orellana. There you climb into a comfortable motorboat and drive about 2 hours downstream. On the way you can see many species of birds while you enjoy a snack. Take a break at the Napo Wildlife Center harbor to refresh yourself, before continuing another 1.5 hours to the small bay in which the Napo Wildlife Lodge is located. A cool welcome drink awaits you.

Day 2

Parrot clay licks at Yasuni National park

Morning: Rise early to reach one of the easier-access parrot clay licks, about 1 hour away from the lodge. You should arrive shortly before parrot activity kicks off at the clay lick between 7:30 to 8:30. Up to 11 species of parrots, parakeets and macaws can be spotted at this clay lick in the right weather conditions.

Visit the Kichwa Community of Añangu

Afternoon: Hike along forest trail to visit the Kichwa Community of Añangu and share some of your time with a local family during their daily activities. This is a fantastic opportunity to learn about the lifestyle and traditions of the local community who have intimate knowledge of this area of the jungle.

Return to the creek and hike through a Terra Firme Forest for about 30 minutes until you arrive at the second parrot clay lick where different species of parrots, parakeets and even macaws often stop for their mineral intake. You will receive a packed lunch at the parrot clay lick observatory. Late afternoon arrival back at the lodge.

Day 3

Canopy tower on the Napo river

Morning: After early breakfast, depart from the lodge to the finest experience at a canopy tower on the Napo. This 36m high canopy tower is a great way to experience the life above the forest floor. This is the second tower at the Napo Wildlife Center - the first is attached to the dining hall and allows great views of the lake.

The tower is located about 30 minutes from the lodge deep within the terra firme forest. As you ascend the 12 floor tower, you pass through different levels of the forest and emerge on top of a huge Ceiba tree. Here you cross onto a wooden platform that is actually built into the tree and experience the view formerly reserved only for the birds.

Interpretation Center of Añangu

Afternoon: Visit the museum at the information center of the Añangu Quichua community to learn more about the history and the traditional way of life. The community welcomes you with typical dances and the traditional drink Chicha.

Day 4

Walk through Tiputini trail

Morning: Make the most of your time in one of the most biodiverse stretches of jungle in the world, the Yasuni National Park. On this day you will explore the forest paths of the Amazon jungle and see more species such as monkeys, birds, rare insects, reptiles, mammals and more.

After a long hike, return to the lodge for lunch. After that you can rest.

Canoe ride

Afternoon: Early departure and last excursion canoeing back to the Napo river. With luck and the right weather, the river may reveal new sights of giant otters, monk saki monkeys and many rare birds.

Day 5

Arrival in Coca

Morning: You will have the opportunity in the harbour to refresh yourself again including use of restrooms before embarking on motorised canoe return journey to Coca. The last leg of the journey will take approximately 2 hours.

Transfer to Quito

The motorised canoe will take you back to Coca, for the flight back to Quito.

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