Amazon River Cruise: Manatee (4)

Tour/Activity in Quito, Ecuador

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Experience the Amazon from a unique perspective!

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Day 1

Flight to Coca

A 30 minute flight From Quito to Coca

Transfer to Manatee

Transfer to the dock, where you will embark on a motorised canoe and navigate down river about 1 ½ hour, to board the Manatee.

Night Walk

Afternoon: An evening walk is organized after sunset; you have the opportunity to discover the forest’s nocturnal activity, discovering the smells and sounds unique to the jungle after dark.

Day 2

Visiting the Pañacocha Nature Reserve

You will continue the navigation downstream to the Pañayacu River delta. Take a canoe trip up the river to experience this fascinating reserve. You will seek out river dolphins, common squirrel monkeys and much more. The rivers and lakes here are the perfect habitat for the infamous Piranha, as well as the Water Monkey Fish (Arawana) and White Caiman.


Afternoon: After a barbecue lunch at a camp, enjoy a hike amidst lush vegetation before returning for dinner aboard the Manatee.

Day 3

Parrots Clay Licks and Sani Warmi Center

Morning: Breakfast on board. You set out to visit one of the most amazing spectacles this side of western Amazonia known as parrot licks. These unique pools of mud are rich in minerals, attracting hundreds of colourful parrots and parakeets every day. If weather permits, you will have a chance to marvel at this astonishing natural phenomenon.

Later you will visit the Sani Warmi Kichwa Interpretation Center, where a group of Kichwa women will speak of their customs, cuisine and everyday life. They have created the center in order to showcase their culture, and it is a unique opportunity to learn about Amazonian lifestyles along the Napo River. You will also have the opportunity to buy crafts, local products and souvenirs.

Evening walk

Afternoon: After lunch, you will make a stop at the Yakukawsay Kichwa Interpretation Centre, and end with an interesting evening walk through the forest (depending on accessibility, river water levels and weather conditions).

Day 4

Transfer to Coca

In the morning, disembark the Manatee and return to Coca on your motorised canoe (1 ½ hour ride).

Transfer to Quito

Return flight to Quito.

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