Ecuador Summiting: 6 Day Cotopaxi with Acclimatisation

Tour/Activity in Quito, Ecuador

About this activity

Experience the magic of the Cotopaxi after ample acclimatisation

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Day 1


Leave Quito in the morning and drive south along the Avenue of the Volcanoes. During the two-hour drive you will enjoy the beautiful view of the typical landscapes and villages of the highlands.

Pasochoa (4,200 m)

The ascent of the extinct volcano will take about 4 hours. At the summit we will have a snack and above all a great view of the Cotopaxi and the other nearby volcanoes. After the descent we return to Quito.

Day 2

Guagua Pichincha (4,794 m)

We leave Quito in the morning after breakfast and drive with our car to Lloa, which is about 10 km west of the capital. From there it is still another 3 hours to the summit, with a stop for lunch on the way. In the late afternoon we are back in Quito.

Day 3

Nuevos Horizontes hut (4,650 m)

After breakfast, leave Quito in the morning and drive about 2 hours to the foot of the Illinizas (La Virgen). There you start a three hour hike to the Nuevos Horizontes mountain hut (4,650 m), where you will have dinner and spend the night.

Day 4

Illiniza North Peak (5,116 m)

Leave at dawn and reach the summit after about 4 hours of ascent. Rest in the mountain hut on the return, before heading to the Cuello de Luna acclimatisation center where you will spend the night.

Day 5

Cotopaxi National Park - Jose Ribas Hut (4,800 m)

After breakfast you will be driven to the National Park Cotopaxi. In a good hour you reach the parking lot at 4,600 m, which is below the Cotopaxi hut. Shoulder your backpack and hike for an hour along sandy ground up to Jose Rivas mountain hut (4,800 m). After you have settled in and had some food, you will climb up to the entrance to the glacier.

If necessary, we practice the handling of rope and pickaxe and walking with crampons on the glacier. We descend to the refuge to enjoy an early dinner and go to bed.

Day 6

Cotopaxi summit (5,897 m)

After midnight, you will leave for a light breakfast and begin the ascent with all of the necessary safety equipment such as ropes and crampons.

Before dawn we reach the height of Yanasacha, the vertical cliff that offers the famous sight of the Cotopaxi from Quito. One last effort and after a total of 6-7 hours you will stand on the top and enjoy the magnificent view of the surrounding mountains Iliniza, Antisana, Cayambe, Altar, Tungurahua, Carihuayrazo and Chimborazo and in front of us the huge and imposing 300m deep Cotopaxi crater.

The descent to the hut takes about 3 hours, at noon we are back in the Cotopaxi mountain hut, after a short rest and a snack you will return to the parking lot.

Return to Quito

Drive back to the capital Quito.