Rainforest Day Tour: Meet the Shaman

Tour/Activity in Misahualli, Ecuador

About this activity

Travel from MisahuallĂ­ to visit the Shaman in the rainforest

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Visit a Shuar community

Meet with a member of the Indigenous Shuar to learn about the daily life of the Shuar Tawasap community, their love of nature, traditions and customs. The community maintains a reforestation program, ensuring the livelihood for their future generations.

Various activities are available on site, including:

  • Ritual dance with music and singing
  • Traditional face painting
  • Presentation of traditional handicrafts
  • Dialogue and cultural exchange with the community
  • Rainforest visits and bird watching
  • Presentation of the community's reforestation program
  • Traditional cleansing ritual
  • Waterfall tour - a truly mystical place - and a traditional cleansing bath (do not forget to bring your towel and swim gear)
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