Cahuachi Pyramids

Tour/Activity in Nazca, Peru, Peru

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Visit the ancient Cahuachi mud temples

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Visit to Cahuachi pyramids

Closely related to the Nazca Lines is the Cahuachi city, which is also the capital of the Nazcas. It is 24 kmĀ² of pyramids and temples built out of mud, which had been the core of the Nasca culture for over 1000 years. Its proximity to the lines is evident: Cahuachi was the starting point for their ceremonies as they head towards the lines.

A 40 min ride along a dirt road through the desert will bring you to the Huarequeque bird and walk among the trees of Huarango. According to Italian archaeologist Giuseppe Orefici, Cahuachi is the world's largest mud made ceremonial center.

This Activity is not suitable for people with reduced mobility.

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