Best of Ecuador: Liberty Train II

Tour/Activity in Otavalo, Ecuador

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Get to know Imbabura, Ecuador's most diverse province

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Otavalo - Salinas - Otavalo

Galapagos PRO Highlight: This excursion should not be missed in your Ecuador experience.

From Otavalo, the birthplace of the country's largest indigenous market, to Salinas, where the culture and history of Afro-Ecuadorians is alive and present in its streets, the Tren de la Libertad takes you through history, music, gastronomy, the craftsmanship and the incredible landscapes of the North Andes. The stations of San Roque, Andrade MarĂ­n, San Antonio, Ibarra, Hoja Blanca and Salinas de Ibarra await you, full of surprises in a journey full of contrasts.

In the afternoon you will return to Otavalo.

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