BEST OF ECUADOR: Cuenca City Tour Hop-On / Hop-Off

Tour/Activity in Cuenca, Ecuador

About this activity

This hop-on/hop-off city tour gives you the opportunity to visit this beautiful city.

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The perfect Cuenca city tour

This panoramic double-decker bus runs through the most important touristic places of Cuenca, the tour is led by a bilingual professional guide (Spanish-English) who will introduce you to the history and traditions of this beautiful city.

During this city tour, you have the option to choose between the North of Cuenca route, the South of Cuenca route or both, and can get on and off at each of the 5 stops.

Your ticket is valid from 10H00 to 19h00 from Monday to Friday and from 09h00 to 16h00 on Sundays and the tours start every hour, on the hour.

North of Cuenca Route:

• Parque Calderón • Calle Benigno Malo • Calle Juan Jaramillo • Mariano Cueva • Iglesia de Todos Santos • Puente Roto • Ruinas Arqueológicas • Calle de las Herrerías • Monumento de Dios Vulcano • Casa de Chaguarchimbana • Av. Huayna Capac • Chola Cuencana • Terminal Terrestre • Aeropuerto • Museo del Sombrero • La picota el Rollo • Iglesia de San José • Calle Rafael María Arizaga • Cristo Rey • Mirador de Cullca • Calle Presidente Borrero • Parque Calderón

South of Cuenca Route:

• Parque Calderón • Calle Bolívar • Parque San Sebastián • Plaza del Otorongo • Museo del sombrero • Calle Larga • Ruinas de Pumapungo • Banco Central • Museo Pumapungo • Av. Huayna Cápac • Av. 12 de Abril • Puente Roto • Iglesia del Vergel • Ruinas de Pumapungo • Av. Solano • Universidad de Cuenca • Colegio Benigno Malo • Tres puentes • Mirador de Turi • Mall del rio • Av. Loja • Parque Calderón.

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