Cloud Forest Mindo and Surrounds

Tour/Activity in Mindo, Ecuador

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Discover the cloud forest on the western slopes of the Andes

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Mindo Cloud Forest

Bellavista Lodge offers nature lovers insights into the secrets of the cloud forest with observation of endemic birds, orchids and other plant species. Especially bird lovers get their money's worth here, as several hundred bird species have already been registered in this area. After visiting the lodge you can choose from several attractions: *Go on a two-hour hike in the Bellavista nature reserve with its waterfalls. *Visit a chocolate factory and experience cocoa production from fruit to chocolate (2 hours) *Visit the butterfly farm in Mindo (1.5 hours) *Take the cable ferry Tarabita over a 530 meter long canyon into the waterfall nature reserve. Here you can enjoy many small waterfalls and the tropical nature on a short hike (2 hours)(2-3 attractions are possible after Bellavista Lodge. You need to make your choice in advance).

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