Avenue of the Volcanoes incl. Hikes

Tour from Quito to Guayaquil, Ecuador

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Drive from Quito, about Baños, Riobamba, Alausí and Cuenca to Guayaquil

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Day 1

You start off the round trip in Quito.

Day 1 - 2


Diverse vegetation in the cloud forest, more than 500 species of birds, including many hummingbirds, and a pleasant climate at an altitude of 1,200 meters.

Day 2 - 6


Otavalo is about 125 kilometers north of Quito and 2,530 meters above sea level. The city is home to the highly successful Otavalo people. The Mercado de Ponchos (Poncho Market) in the central square of the city is world famous and is open every day until 6:00 pm, year round.

Day 6 - 7


To reach Papallacta, 60 km from Quito, you cross a 4,000-meter-high Andean pass and then drive to 3,300 meters above sea level. Located at the foot of the Antisana Volcano, this place is famous for its thermal springs, which are fed by sulphurous hot water, as well as by crystal clear, cold water. A fascinating place, not just for health fans.

Day 7 - 8

Overnight in Cotopaxi

You start drive to Hacienda El Porvenir.

The Hacienda El Porvenir is a beautiful farmhouse in traditional style with thatched roofs. Here is the ideal starting point for an exploration of the Cotopaxi. You can also get to know the lifestyle here in the Andes firsthand. The Hacienda is located around 35 minutes from the town of Machachi.

The guest rooms are cozy traditionally decorated and you will feel at home here immediately. The hotel's own restaurant serves a full breakfast to you for an eventful day to strengthen

Day 8

Cotopaxi National Park and Limpiopungo

Early in the morning you start the drive along the famous "Avenue of the Volcanoes" from Quito to the south. Our first stop is the Cotopaxi National Park and the lagoon of Limpiopungo. Cotopaxi is the highest active volcano in the world. Enjoy during a hike the breathtaking nature. Then we stop at Humboldt-Hacienda Cienega and depending on the time, a short stop in the market of Latacunga and Ambato to try guinea pig from the grill. We continue along the Avenue of the Volcanoes to Baños.

Day 8 - 10

Baños and around

The lively town of Baños at the foot of the volcano Tungurahua, since 1998 has actively and regularly haunted lava and ash. For visitors, it is a magnificent spectacle of nature. In Baños there is a spring-like temperatures all year. The center offers many craft shops, small restaurants and sweets from sugarcane. From Baños, you can take a trip to Puyo, the gateway to the Ecuadorian rainforest. Here we meet for lunch with the shamans and Shuar chief Tzamarenda Naychapi to Armadillo soup. Then we experience a cleansing ritual at a waterfall. In the late afternoon we drive back to Baños. In the evening, a stroll on through the center.

Day 10

Hike on Chimborazo volcano

Early in the morning we go to Chimborazo, Ecuador's highest mountain with 6,300 meters and an extinct volcano. At the foot of this majestic giant we take a hike. The view of the summit of the mountain, which itself already fascinated Alexander von Humboldt, is great. In the afternoon we drive to Riobamba.

Day 11

From the Devil's Nose on Ingapirca Cuenca

Very early in the morning we go to the station of Alausí, where we take the "Andean train" along the Devil's Nose - Nariz del Diablo, as called by the Ecuadorians, in zigzag going downhill and uphill again. In the early afternoon we continue southbound. Depending on the time of day we stop briefly in Ingapirca, one of the few Inca sites in Ecuador. Late in the evening we reach Cuenca.

Day 11 - 12

Visit the city of Cuenca

Today we take the whole day for the beautiful city of Cuenca, a cultural metropolis in southern Ecuador. The cozy and nostalgic atmosphere is emphasized by the cobblestone sidewalks, colorful flower markets and noble facades with their ornate iron balconies. In the afternoon you may enjoy the city on your own.

Day 13

Hike through the Cajas National Park

Today you reach the Cajas National Park. Approximately 200 lagoons spread at an altitude 3150-4450 meters. After a short hike we drive over a pass to Guayaquil. On the way you will experience the magnificent change of vegetation from 4,000 meters to sea level. Arrival in Guayaquil in the early evening.

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