Ecuador Rainforest Tour: 4 Days Selina Amazon Lodge (Tena)

Tour/Activity in Quito, Ecuador

About this activity

Discover the beautiful jungle of Ecuador while staying at the Selina Tena lodge.

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Day 1

Transfer from Quito Hotel to Selina Tena

First experiece at Selina Tena

You will be received with a welcome drink as soon as you arrive at the lodge and lunch will be served between 1230pm to 1430pm. After lunch, you will visit the beautiful Huaysa Yaku pools and waterfall, this visit takes around 3-4 hours. Return to the lodge for your dinner at 8 pm.

Day 2

Visit an Indigenous community

After breakfast, you will take a speed boat to visit a Kichwa community, who will show you their way of life, customs, and values. Lunch will be served at 1 pm and you will be picked up by a speed boat to head to Punta del Ahuano. This is an amazing place and opportunity to admire the jungle scenery along the river.

Later, you will visit the Amazoonico Animal Reserve. A guide will take you on a stroll along their reserve while they tell your stories to each and every one of the animals that live there, a lot of which are victims of illegal animal trade. Amazoonico wildlife rescue center helps to rehabilitate and reintroduce wild animal victims of traffic to their natural habitat and provide a home for those who are unable to return to the wild. Return to the lodge and dinner will be served at 7 pm.

Day 3

Hiking at Latas Waterfall

After breakfast, you will embark on a small hike to visit Latas Waterfall with beautiful crystal-clear waters. On the way to the waterfall you will get to soak in the marvelous sights and sounds of the rainforest. After the hike, you will return to the lodge where lunch will be served at 1.30 pm.

At 3 pm, you will have a hike around the surroundings of the lodge, where you will cross the primary forest with a local guide who will tell you all about the different plants, animals, and insects that you will encounter during this tour. Return to the lodge for your dinner at 7 pm.

Day 4

Local crafting class

After breakfast, you will have a crafting class where you will learn to make local souvenirs with the help of an expert. Lunch will be served after the class,

Transfer from Selina Tena to Quito Hotel

You will embark on your journey back to Quito,