Puno City Tour (2h)

Tour/Activity in Lake Titicaca - Puno, Peru

About this activity

A tour through the lakeside city of Puno

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Visit the city of Puno

For today's city tour you will visit the Cathedral of Puno, a Roman Catholic church built in the 17th century on the Mayor Plaza (main square) in Spanish Baroque style. The front was decorated by the Peruvian sculptor Simón de Asta with decorative elements from the region's flora and fauna. Inside the church, you can observe Spanish Baroque elements mixed with Andean culture.

Another must-see on today's city tour is the Balcón del Conde de Lemus (The balcony of the Duke). This structure was one of the first in Puno and was built in 1668 after the founding of the city. As the story goes, Viceroy Pedro Antonio Fernández de Castro moved into the house to quell a regional uprising. Today there is a gallery and the branch of the National Cultural Institute in the house.

Moving on, you will also visit the "Casa del Corregidor", the hill Huajsapata, and the lookouts "Kuntur Huasi" and "Puma Uta". A colorful and joyful experience also awaits you at the market stalls by the harbor and the daily market in the city.

This activity is not suitable for people with reduced mobility.

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