Cayambe Volcano Ascent (2)

Tour/Activity in Quito, Ecuador

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Climb Ecuador's third highest volcano, Cayambe

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Day 1

Travel from Quito to Cayambe

Travel from Quito to Cayambe and meet your guide. Begin with a short walk to the hut where you can enjoy some lunch. From a vantage of 4,600m, gaze out at the beautiful view of the glacial eruptions of the Cayambe.

After lunch, your guide will take you for your first exercises on the glacier to test your equipment. When you return to the cabin, dinner is already waiting for you.

A special treat in the evening - when the sun sets on the horizon, the Cayambe glow red! After dinner and the beautiful sunset, try to get an early rest to prepare for tomorrow's ascent. At midnight you'll be awakened.

Day 2

Climbing Cayambe

At 1 am, meet in front of the hut and start climbing to the summit of Cayambe (5,790 m). Depending on your condition, the ascent takes 4 to 6 hours.

The first leg is very steep and leads over scree to the glacier. From here you'll need crampons, ice picks, ropes and patience, because the height is already noticeable. Around 5am the horizon gets brighter and Cotopaxi, Chimborazo and Antisana begin to emerge in the red sunlight - an incredible sight! From here, you can already see the summit of Cayambe and get a boost of energy to push through the last 200 meters of altitude. Just in time for sunrise, you reach the summit.

The efforts of the night are rewarded with a view of the landscape of the northern mountains of Quito, the surrounding towns and lagoons, as well as the San Pablo Lake and the Laguna Cuicocha. After enjoying the view, the descent to the hut takes about 2 hours. From here we will be picked up and taken back to Quito.

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